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MBB comedy minute.

So the other night in rapid fire succession my boyfriend Paul made two gem-like literary jokes, or maybe I’m biased because our sense of humor is pretty much the same. But I thought, why not lighten the mood on this blog (which on all other days is so horribly somber) by reprinting them here? They do keep with the theme after all.

first. After a dinner out with my parents, the four of us arrived home to a thumping noise in the dark. The sound, of course, was my parents’ dog Pepper, her tail beating steadily against the pillow cushion in her submissive rejoicing of our homecoming.

Paul: “It’s like the Tell-Tale Heart… of happiness.”

Later, Paul insists that when I blog this, I spell it “Tell-Tail Heart,” but I’m morally opposed to puns. Then we extemporaneously reenact a dialogue.

(looking around) “What’s that sound?”
“Oh God… it’s… it’s the man I killed…”
“…Um. No. It’s your dog’s tail wagging.”
“–yes! Of course, I knew that, that’s… that’s what I named my dog! Here, ThemanIkilled! Good boy!”

second. Jane Austen’s other novel. Ass & Assumptions.