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bookshelf break — travel hiatus!

Un voyage au Liban | travels and tribulations from Beirut to Paris to Zion in Utah.

I’ll be on the road this week so no bookshelf entries (can’t wait to get back on track though ’cause I’m like 3 books behind!). Please go check out my travel blog in the meantime, where I’ll be writing about this Northern Californian’s first Southwest trip (besides a brief second-grade sojourn to Santa Fe). IT’S GONNA BE AWESOME.



Once upon a time, I had a blog called “My Beautiful Bookshelf.” The URL was “lizthegrad” (a former and abandoned blog title) and was followed by “blogspot.com.” It had an orange Blogger logo I couldn’t shake no matter how brown and tan I colored my theme. I wrote about books I read, and sometimes about bookstores, and sometimes about reading. This was last summer.

Long before that, I had another blog, or more accurately, a Xanga, which was born in 2002, flourished in 2003-2004, and clung to life on a post or so a year through 2008 before expiring to leave only an embarrassing online record of my late adolescent obsession with Radiohead. But this is a digression.

I’ve been wanting to return to blogging for a while but have been procrastinating… and since now, I’ve waited so long, I decided to give myself a fresh start. I’m converting to WordPress after trying it out for my travel blog. I don’t know, it feels cleaner, and it has a fun name. WordPress. I’ve also expanded what I can write about, because truthfully, writing only about books starts to feel like a class assignment. Of course I’m still keeping the books theme (as you’ll notice) and focusing on books, because I love books, and there’s really no interesting way to say that, so you won’t hear it that often, though it may be obliquely referred to. But really I just want an excuse to write about shit, because I also love writing, which is also a horribly unoriginal thing to say.

Cutesy categories I’ve come up with: Books—Fiction, Books—Nonfiction, Anthologies, Photo Albums, Atlases, City Guides, Diaries, Cookbooks, Best Of. (It’s like a bookshelf, get it!) It’s red and blue, which are my favorite colors besides green. I’m not a designer but a part of me wants to be so I’m hoping this one is prettier than my previous efforts.

That’s it. That’s my intro. Now I’ll start.


From Blogger to WordPress. getting acclimated.

Books: I write about books.

Places: I write about faraway and unusual places.

Spaces: I write about local and everyday spaces.

Shelves: I put things on my bookshelf. Metaphorically. You know, links and videos and stuff.

Selves: I write about myself.