San Francisco Public Library’s giganto book sale.

This weekend, the Friends of the San Francisco Public Library will hold their 48th Annual Big Book Sale (not to be confused with its Spring Book Sale– though beyond the name, I’m not sure what the difference is). The sale will feature hundreds of thousands of books between $1 and $3 in the Festival Pavilion at Fort Mason Center, a sprawling warehouse of a space facing the marina and the Golden Gate Bridge.

I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it this time ’round, but I was lucky enough to attend the Spring Book Sale earlier this year, along with friend and fellow bibliophile Kelly. We went on Sunday, the third day of the sale, when all books sell for $1. Even though a lot of good ones had probably been taken, there were still plenty of treasures, and two days of book-selling hadn’t even made a dent in the rows upon rows of books far as the eye could see.

Here’s some pictures from that glorious event (taken with an iPhone 3G, so excuse the quality):

san francisco library spring book sale

san francisco library spring book sale

san francisco library spring book sale

Shopping carts were almost a necessity.

san francisco library spring book sale

Andre Agassi looking a little surprised that he’s in the bargain bin.

Me and my haul: Kafka, Huxley, Krakauer, Proust, Tan, Faulkner, and 2-volume H.G. Wells textbooks from 1949.

I highly encourage those who will be in the city this weekend to check it out! Even better, plan ahead– make space in your bookshelves, borrow a pickup truck, and build your own home library out of all the cheap books you can grab in one day!*

*For serious bibliophiles only.


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