orwellian pet supply nightmare.

animal farm, pet supply, pet store, george orwell

This is a pet store near our house in Berkeley. It’s called Animal Farm. I just thought that was a really weird name for a pet store. You know, conjures images of dictatorial pigs and horses being shipped to glue factories and other such unpleasantness.


3 responses

  1. I just bought our monthly dog food at The Animal House. Thankfully, not full of over-sexed frat boys. I like Animal Farm. It sounds literate. I’m always grateful to find some sign of intelligence like that. Dictatorial pigs. Is Animal Farm a co-op by any chance?

    1. haha. Animal Farm and Animal House both sound like pretty reasonable names except for the associations they have from books/film. i actually don’t know if it’s a co-op but am now curious… would be funny!

      1. What, you weren’t following hashtag #GeorgeOrwellAnimalHouse a few weeks ago? “All animals are equal, but some are more fat, drunk and stupid than others, son.”

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