Once upon a time, I had a blog called “My Beautiful Bookshelf.” The URL was “lizthegrad” (a former and abandoned blog title) and was followed by “” It had an orange Blogger logo I couldn’t shake no matter how brown and tan I colored my theme. I wrote about books I read, and sometimes about bookstores, and sometimes about reading. This was last summer.

Long before that, I had another blog, or more accurately, a Xanga, which was born in 2002, flourished in 2003-2004, and clung to life on a post or so a year through 2008 before expiring to leave only an embarrassing online record of my late adolescent obsession with Radiohead. But this is a digression.

I’ve been wanting to return to blogging for a while but have been procrastinating… and since now, I’ve waited so long, I decided to give myself a fresh start. I’m converting to WordPress after trying it out for my travel blog. I don’t know, it feels cleaner, and it has a fun name. WordPress. I’ve also expanded what I can write about, because truthfully, writing only about books starts to feel like a class assignment. Of course I’m still keeping the books theme (as you’ll notice) and focusing on books, because I love books, and there’s really no interesting way to say that, so you won’t hear it that often, though it may be obliquely referred to. But really I just want an excuse to write about shit, because I also love writing, which is also a horribly unoriginal thing to say.

Cutesy categories I’ve come up with: Books—Fiction, Books—Nonfiction, Anthologies, Photo Albums, Atlases, City Guides, Diaries, Cookbooks, Best Of. (It’s like a bookshelf, get it!) It’s red and blue, which are my favorite colors besides green. I’m not a designer but a part of me wants to be so I’m hoping this one is prettier than my previous efforts.

That’s it. That’s my intro. Now I’ll start.


2 responses

  1. welcome back! wordpress is proving pretty good – i was on livejournal for years and i think wordpress is much nicer. the stats page is fun, especially now that they show what countries your viewers are in! (ecuador? really? huh.)

  2. thanks! yes i do like the stats page… that and seeing “key terms” that people find your blog through is really interesting. and confounding.

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